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Brevard Largest Area Rug Dealer

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Largest Selection of Area Rugs in Brevard County!

Largest Selection of Area
Rugs in Brevard County!

There is no one on the Space Coast that offers a wider selection of the highest quality floor coverings than Area Rug Gallery.  Stop by our convientint showroom on 192 to see our huge selection!

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Lex Berger, owner of Area Rug Gallery said. Why would I open an area rug store if it couldn’t have the biggest selection and the best prices in Brevard and Indian River County. Now that Area Rug Gallery has been voted “The Best Area Rug Store in Brevard County” every year Florida Today gave out the award, he knows he has accomplished just that.

Before he opened up Area Rug Galley close to 10 years ago, Lex had never been in the retail end of the rug business. As a Wholesaler he knew how and where to buy area rugs at the best prices. The world is different today Lex says. Everyone watches home decorating shows and on average change their decor every seven to ten years. People don’t want the expense of buying a pedigree area rug from the places in the Mid-East, like Iran or Iraq. Area Rug Gallery has hand-knotted area rugs that will last 100 years like Persian rugs. However, Lex buys them from places where the quality is high and the price is low. Perceptive customers appreciate the beauty and quality and are less interested in if the area rug that come from a countries that were Historically Persia with a Price tag in the $50,000 range, but now rather where he buys them. From countries that are more American Friendly like India and Turkey. The apparent quality is the same but at Area Rug Gallery they suggest “buy at Area Rug Gallery, Where Quality Just Cost Less” For Hand Knotted area rugs our price is 75% less. If you’re buying rugs for investment purposes, that’s one thing. However, if you think your children are going to decorate the same way you do, don’t count on it. The days of handing down an area rug from generation to generation went out with castles and kingdoms.

Flooring is not our business it’s an opportunity to make you glad.

Now a days Most of the rugs Area Rug Gallery sells are wool hand-tufted, which will last 10 to 20 years. With the invention of a new loom in Belgium, power-loomed area rugs are being made with millions of points of thread per square meter, rivaling even hand-tuffted rugs and offering 10 to 15 years use, all at a fraction of the price historical rugs cost. Our motto is, “From traditional to tropical and everything in-between, we have an area rug for you at a price you can only dream.” Area Rug Gallery has rugs that fit in front of your couch 5×8 feet, starting at $89.99. Beautiful hand-carved wool and silk rugs average around $300 and up.

Price isn’t all Area Rug Gallery has to offer. On staff, there are licensed decorators and design consultants with years of experience and knowledge that Mr. Berger has taught them. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and everyone tries to find the right rug for your home or office. There’s even a toy bin for the kids to play in! Lex says he wants to create a place where people will be happy with the service, price, and quality of their area rugs, encouraging their friends and relatives to visit his store.

The staff at Area Rug Gallery invites you to see why they were voted “The Best Area Rug Store In Brevard County” four years in a row. Remember, as Lex Berger says, “A room without a rug is like a kiss without a hug!”